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TYSSO Ethernet Receipt Printer : PRP-085III FAQ

1. How To Open Cash Drawer through PRP-085iii receipt printer via ESC/POS Commands?

To open the cash drawer, The ESC/POS command is as follows
1B 70 m n1 n2
m=00 01<n1<=n2   

To make a quick  test in MS-DOS commands, please try the following methods:

Save the following value by any HEX Editor or download this test file: cash_drawer_open.test


("1B 70 00 64 64" in HEX)

Then run 'cmd', and type:

"type SAVED_HEX_FILE_NAME > prn" and press enter (in case of parallel interface)

For more information about other commands (cutter on/off, and etc...) Please download VB6.0 demonstration source code here: Printer_VB6_command_DEMO.rar

2. I've tried all the suggested Cash Drawer Commands, but it still won't open.

Please check DIP-SWITCH Settings at bottom of the receipt printer, and make sure that the Cash Drawer Option is enabled.

Switch 6 ON = Cash Drawer Enable

Switch 6 OFF = Cash Drawer Disable

Your can also make a self-test receipt by 1) power off, 2) hold the feed button, 3) power on, 4) wait 3 sec, release feed button, there will be dip-switch instructions / current dip switch status info. showing on the self-print receipts.



Download:  User's Manual (PDF)| Printer DriverEthernet Configuration Tool

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