Fametech Inc.(Tysso) - POS, Magstripe Card Reader, Customer Display, Serial Ethernet Converter, Programmable Keyboard Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer,and Barcode Scanner Manufacturer


Fametech Inc. (TYSSO) manufactures and markets barcode scanners, Portable Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, Customer Display, POS Touchscreen Terminal, Cash Drawer, Serial-Ethernet Converter, Programmable Keyboard, and many more POS equipments for the worldwide automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) and Point-Of-Sale market. All of Fametech's products bearing the brand name TYSSO are designed, developed, and manufactured in the company's corporate headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Besides the branch office in the China and USA, Fametech also has a number of excellent staff working under the management of: marketing (domestic/overseas), engineering, production, administration and so forth.  We are known as one of the top five POS peripheral and barcode scanner manufacturer in Taiwan.  More...

Product Index
Barcode Scanners
Handheld CCD, Laser Gun, Fixed Readers, OEM Modules, Portable
Magnetic Stripe Card Readers
Swipe Card Reader, Combo Readers OEM Modules, Portable, Encoder
Touchscreen POS System
Monitors, CubicPOS Terminal,
Barebone POS System
Converter & Decoder
Barcode Converter & Decoder
Serial-Ethernet Converter
POS Printers
Mini Receipt Printer, Barcode Printer, High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer
POS Customer Display
VFD Customer Display, LCD Pole Display, Double Side Display, Arabic
POS Programmable Keyboard
POS keyboard, POS Keyboard w/built-in Card Readers, RS-232 Interface
Other POS Peripherals
Cash Drawer
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