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POS-5700 Series

Drivers Installation


4.1 Install POS system Chipset driver

a. Double click the folder “MB” “852gm” and then the file “win2k_xp141950.exe” to start the installation.

b. Click “Next” as the window pop up.

POS system chipset installation wizard

c. Click "Next"

POS terminal grahpic media accelerator Driver

d. Click “Yes” on the License Agreement window to accept the terms.

Point of sale Media accelerator driver agreement

e. Click “Finish” and restart the system.

POS system graphic media accelerator driver installation completed


4.2 Install POS System Audio Driver

a. Double click the folder “MB” “audio” and the file “WDM_A398.exe” to start the installation.

b. Click “Next” on the Audio Setup window.

point of sale audio driver installation window


c. Click “Finish” and restart the system.

POS terminal audio installation setup completed


4.3 Install Point of Sale LAN Driver

a. Double click the folder “MB” “LanSetup” and then the file “Setup.exe” to start the installation.

POS system LAN driver Installation LAN setup

b. Click “Finish” to finish the installation.

POS terminal Real Tek Gigabit and fast Ethernet NIC driver setup


4.4 Install POS System 5700 Wi-Fi

a. Execute All Programs >> Control Panel >> Add Hardware.

POS system 5700 Wi-Fi wireless installation file location

b. Click "Next" on the Welcome Window

POs terminal Wi-fi installation welcome window

c. Select “Yes” then click “Next”.

Point of sale terminal hardware detection confirmation window

d. Select “USB2.0 WLAN” then click “Next”.

POS system hardware detection hardware list window

e. Click “Finish” to complete the add hardware wizard.

POS terminal add hardware wizard complete window

f. Click “Install from a list or specific location [Advanced]” on the Hardware Update Wizard window.

Point of sale Wlan hardware update wizard window

g. Select “WiFi Driver” and then specify the folder accordingly. Click “Next”

POS terminal File location folder browser        Point of sale system hardware update wizard auto search

h. Click “Finish” to complete the Hardware Update Wizard.

POS touch screen Hardware update completion wizard

4.5 Install Touch Screen Driver

a. Double click the folder “Touch” and then double click the subfolder according to the touch type and operating system.

POS touch screen driver installation folder location

POS touch screen windows variation drivers selection

b. Double click the file “setup” to start the installation.

POS system touch screen setup file installation

c. Click “Next” on the welcome window.

Point of sale terminal touch screen package welcome window

d. Select the destination folder and click “Next”.

point of sale touch screen setup destination selection

e. Click " Next"

Point of sale touch screen driver installation install type selection

f. Click “Install” to start the installation.

POS system touch screen driver ready to install window

g. Click “Finish” to exit the setup and restart the system.

POS terminal installatation wizard touch screen driver completed



h. Execute  >> Touch Package >> Touch Tool. Select “General” and then click “9 Pts. Linearity” to start the 9-point-calibration. Or select “Advance” to select “4 Pts. calibration” or “25 Pts. Linearity”. The more points are calibrated, the more accurate the calibration will be.

POS touch screen package driver general information window

POS system touch package calibration mode window

i. Touch the center of the red dot on the screen with a finger till it disappears. The dot will appear 4/9/25 times in turn on the screen.

Point of sale touch screen calibration squares window

j. After the calibration is done, press the “save” button to save.

Point of sale touch screen calibration completed save button window



Refer to the file “Userguide2_8” for more information on the setting of the touch package.


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