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Installation steps Keyboard Wedge Model: Step 1   Turn the computer system power off, and unplug the keyboard cable. Step 2   Connect the keyboard cable into the short-cable of the Reader. Step 3   Connect the long-cable of the Reader into the keyboard socket on the computer system. Step 4   Turn the computer system power on, then you can hear a beep sound for confirming the reader's self-test, and green LED will be lit to indicate that the reader is ready for operation. Reader's Programming/setting Note : 1. Suggest doing the programming/setting under Windows system 2. All settings should be done through RS-232 COM port, so the RS-232 model can be set directly through its installation. 3. To do the programming/setting of keyboard wedge or USB models, please refer to the Installation Steps of RS-232 model, using the bundled RS-232 extended cable and PS/2 power adapting cable to do the setting through RS-232 port. 4. After programming/setting, install back the keyboard wedge or USB extended cable to the reader. Insert the TMSR bundled CD into the CD drive of your computer system. Then execute "SETUP.EXE." to setup the program. To run the program "MMSR" that you just installed. You will see the following screen: Step 1 Step 2 RS-232 Model: Step 1   Turn the computer power off. Step 2   Connect the Reader's cable to the RS-232 COM port on the computer. Step 3   Connect the DC-plug of 5V DC power adapter to the DC jack on the cable-end of the Reader, you can hear a beep sound for confirming the Reader's self-test, and the green LED on the Reader will be lit to indicate that the Reader is ready for operating. Step 4   Turn the computer power on, and run your application software, include one RS-232 drive utility, to get the data from the serial port which connects the Reader. USB Model: Step 1   To make sure the Windows USB utility is available in your computer. Step 2 Connect the Reader to the USB port on the computer, you can hear a beep sound for confirming the Reader's self-test, and the green LED on the Reader will be lit to indicate that the Reader is ready for operating. 1. the setting options are as following 01     Device selection for KB interface only available for KB interface 02     Intercharacter delay select KB or RS-232 setting, then the delay time for intercharacter to match the sending speed. 03     Language for keyboard interface select one language 04     Terminator select one instruction following the data string 06     Preamble and postamble set the preamble and postamble characters attached to the data string 08     RS-232 parameters -to select the RS-232 parameters SETTING: 16     General parameters to setup the data output mode and beep sound 19-1 Magnetic parameters to setup the track data sequence and magstripe format 19-2 Magnetic parameters to setup the start/end sentinel 2. COM port selecting to select COM1 or COM2 port 3. to store the setting inside the Reader. 4. to set the Reader as default setting. 5. to list or print the setting result. 6. to load the setting data to computer. 7. to save the setting data into an indicated file. 8. to exit from the setting program. 9. to display all present settings. The Reader's setting procedure: 1. Select "SETTING" first, and setup all the parameters as you want. 2. Go to "SELECT", to select a COM port that connects the Reader. 3. Click "SEND", to store the settings inside the Reader and finish the setting. SELECT: SEND: DEFAULT: PRINT: LOAD: SAVE: EXIT: Setting Overview: Step 3 3 4 5 (Suggest to do the programming/setting under Windows system) to PC Keyboard port USB port AC power source RS-232 port