Barcode Scanner Trouble Shooting

 Handheld Barcode Scanner Trouble Shooting
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Note: Since 50% of the scanner failure may be caused by the faulty cable according to our RMA report, therefore, please first change a piece of working cable and try it again with another computer host before go ahead for further RMA inspections.


1. General Problem (For technician's reference only)

1) The buzzer has no sound

a. Make sure that the scanner cable is plugged into the computer properly.

b. Make sure that the connector of the buzzer is connected to main

c. Change the buzzer

d. If the buzzer is still not working properly, change the mainboard.

2) The LED array don't work.

a) If one or more LED is defected (old model has 8 LED lights, and new model has got only 4 LEDs), change the LED array.

b) Make sure the scanner cable is attached to the computer properly.

c) Make sure that the connector of the LED array is connected properly to the mainboard.

d) If the LED array is faulty, change the mainboard.

3) The scanner cannot decode properly.

a. make sure that the transparent plastic dust cover in the front is clean

b. Scan "Set All Default" label on the programming manual, and try again (very important!)

c. For RS232 models, make sure the correct protocol and transmission are used, don't forget to turn on the RS232 interface on the programming manual.

d. Make sure the barcode that you are trying to scan is enabled, many symbologies are not pre-enabled in the decoder firmware by default. if the code is not enabled, please enable it manually from the programming manual settings.

e. Change a piece of cable, and try the scanner with another computer. mostly the problems are came from the cables.

f. If all above mentioned methods still cannot help in order to solve out the problems, change the mainboard


Checking Flow Chart




Turn on the PC


Buzzer Sound?

Cable Connection OK?

Fix the Cable Connection


Push the button


Does the LED array lit properly?

Does the LED array has proper connection with the main board?

Fix that Connection


Change the LED

Does the LED working?

Change the main board


Does the Decoder Working Properly?

Check if the mirror is broken or not

Is the mirror at the right position?

Correct it.


Change the mirror

Is the Lens broken?

Return it to the manufacturer


Check the waveforms of the test points


Change the main board

Find any errors?


Read the "EXIT" label of on the programming manual


Scan "Set All Default" label

Hear any two-beep when reading the "Exit label"?




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