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Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Fametech's BT Series are built with class 1 Bluetooth technology and easy-to-use cable-replacement  interfaces (PS2, RS232, and USB) it is specifically designed to meet the demands of retail and light commercial applications.


  • Bluetooth Class 1 technology, Range up to 50m-70m in open space.

  • Compact size, cable-shape transmitter/receiver fits well to the computer

  • Support Batch, on-line, and recapture (real-time backup) operational modes

  • Extremely long operating time: Over 40,000 scans per recharge.

  • Battery can be either recharged by PC USB port, or external power adapter

  • Large memory capacity which stores over 15,000 inputs of EAN13 barcodes.

  • Decoder Supports most of the international barcodes standards include RSS14.


    Our Bluetooth Wireless Scanner



Bluetooth Wireless
Laser Scanner


Bluetooth Wireless
Long Range CCD Scanner


Bluetooth Wireless
Barcode Data Transmitter



  Bluetooth Technology

What is Bluetooth technology? Put simply, Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless radio technology that allows electronic devices to connect to one another.

Bluetooth wireless technology makes connections just like cables connect a computer to a keyboard, mouse, or printer, or how a wire connects an MP3 player to headphones.

Bluetooth technology makes these same connections, except it does it without the cables and wires. With Bluetooth there is no more worrying about which cable goes where, while getting tangled in the mess.


  Tysso's Bluetooth Wireless Scanners

Tysso's BT series share the same powerful architecture of the other models with the special addition of the Bluetooth technology.

These powerful wireless bar code scanners provides the operator with wider mobility and no cable constraint. Bluetooth is a standard defined worldwide, and it allows various devices manufactured by different companies to easily connect and communicate with each other.


Software Screenshots

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Interface Selection General Settings Barcode Settings Code ID Settings Transmit Settings

Package & Accessories

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OEM Box Package USB Bluetooth Dongle RS-232 Bluetooth Dongle  USB Recharge & Data Uploading Cable

PDF BrochureUser's Manual (PDF)| Software Driver

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